Differents between Farm - / Wildkratom

There are significant differences from farm/wild kratom.

Farmkratom is cultivated on farms or plantations which are specially cultivated and harvested by Kratom. The fields are large and extensive. Compared to wild kratom, the leaves on cratom fields are rather smaller, thinner and slightly lighter..

The professional cultivation of Farmkratom ensures that the quality is as good as that of wild kratom. Important here is how the kratom was grown and how the further processing of fitting takes place (drying, machine processing). Our kratom is generally processed only by stainless steel machines. Farmkratom from Mr. Kratom's online shop is mainly grown from the areas: Kapuas Hulu & Jongkong

Wild kratom grows without doing human or farms on which kratom is grown, the trees become between 3 and 30 meters high. Due to the natural occurrence, the trees also naturally multiply by falling seeds and thus ensure newly growing crater trees. Wild kratom usually grows in jungle areas that are remote. The leaves of the wild-grown kratom are firmer, thicker and larger than those of a farm cratom tree. The color of the leaves is usually dark green.

The wild kratom offered on Mr. Kratom comes from the regions: Aceh, Centralkalimantan, Eastkalimantan.

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