Wild Kratom

Wild Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa, also of red Sentolbaum called) from Mr. Kratom comes from wildly grown Kratombäumen which grow in her natural living space and without human influence.

The trees become between 10 and 30 metres high. Wild Kratom grows and increases in quite natural way, which is why it must not be cultivated on Kratomplantagen. Wild Kratom grows mostly remotely in jungle areas. The sheets of a wild Kratombaumes are more firm, thicker and bigger than those of a Kratombaumes tilled on a plantation and the colour is mostly dark green. The Kratom online shop of Mr. Kratom has a high standard in quality which is reflected in his Kratom and his prize relation and power ratio again. He dispatches the Kratom which is ordered about his online shop directly from Germany.

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