Bali Kratom

The Bali Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa, also called red sentol tree) by Mr. Kratom is a combination of a wide variety of cratoms, which are mixed together according to the best conscience and controls of the laboratory results. The kratom originates mostly from Borneo, because no/hardly any cratom plantations or trees are bred in Bali. For the individual color mixtures red, white and green, only the best cratoms are mixed together, which are proven to be of high quality. Mr. Kratom's Kratom Online Shop has a high standard of quality, reflected in its kratom and price/performance ratio. He sends the kratom, which is ordered via his online shop, directly from Germany.

Balis history

Bali is an Indonesian island with an average tropical climate. The flora of Bali includes various vegetation areas. In addition to tropical forests (such as rainforests and dry forests), there are also mangroves and moist prairies in Bali. The tropical climate of the island is characterized by high humidity. Monsoon rains occur in the tropical convergence zone between November and March. In the remaining months the rainfall distribution on the island is relatively uneven due to the middle of the mountains. The north coast is the area with the lowest precipitation. In rainy forest areas, the cratom tree has relatively favorable climatic conditions.

Although Thailand and Malaysia are considered the home cities of the Mambog, these trees are now grown almost exclusively in Indonesia for commercial purposes. Regardless of the place of origin, 90% of commercial kratoms may therefore be considered to originate in Indonesia. Bali Kratom is Indonesian kratom, which is not always from Bali. At the same time, the rainwater and the dry forests of the island were replaced by cultural landscapes. Nowadays, the cultivation area of Kratom is limited to Bali. Borneo Kratom is normally temporarily stored in the port of Bali and then awaits delivery on the island. This type of temporary storage of kratom actually does not come from Bali, but is called by traders Bali Kratom.

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